LabeFi was created with the sole purpose and intent to help artists in any stage of their careers and of any musical genre realize the full potential of getting their music heard by their targeted audience and monetizing their creative property. We realized that the music industry has changed dramatically and that many artists have simply fallen behind in keeping up with the technology that would aid their success in reaching their goals and musical aspirations.

Now steps in LabelFi to bridge the gap for artists, providing artists with both FREE and paid tools and services that helps to close the distance between the latest technology and their uses within the music industry for artist promotion, and the artists themselves. We believe that all artists should be able to have their music delivered to their targeted audience.

LabelFi believes that all artists should not have to give up substantial percentages of royalties to labels or others derived from music they created. All artists should be able to carve out a good salary by monetizing their content without having to simply give it away to labels in exchange for distribution, administration, or promotion and marketing.

Our Core Services consists of the following;

  • FREE Distribution to all of the Top and most familiar digital stores (DSP’s) such as Itune, Tidal, Google Play Music, Spotify and more
  • FREE Music Label and Artist Management setup, with access to promotional tools and royalty data and statistics.
  • Digital Music Streaming and Digital Playlist Promotion
  • Real-Time Live delivery of your music to targeted fans on their mobile device,  directly from Major Record Labels and FM Radio Stations
  • Major FM and Satellite Radio airplay campaigns. (COLLEGE RADIO OR INTERNET RADIO STATIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE)

We also provide a wide variety auxiliary services in support of artist promotion efforts.

LabelFi strongly believes that all artists deserve to have access to the same revenue generating tools and ideology that major record labels use without sacrificing the bulk of their earnings to have access to those key knowledge fundamentals. We look forward to helping you with achieve your goals!



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